“Being artistically busy in the Provence doesn’t feel like working but more like breathing creatively”

Meet Els De Vlieghere, the woman behind top photographer Henk Van Cauwenbergh

Every horse enthusiast hopes to be able to admire a wild horse one day. This isn’t so simple nowadays, but it’s still possible at some locations. Els and her significant other, top photographer Henk van Cauwenbergh know all about this. “We’re grateful to be able to portray the horses - and especially their synergy with this immense nature reserve." But besides wild horses, they portray so much more. Els was happy to tell us more about her love for horses, her passion for photography, and the cooperation with her partner Henk.

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Ride softly, listen carefully and love completely.


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If you want to start and expand a company today, you are nothing without a good network. And that is exactly what our Puissance Club focuses on.

By introducing companies and organizations in our club to each other, we try to open-up the equestrian sport and we offer everyone the opportunity to get really in touch with each other.

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