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Without a network, a company is nothing. Request your Puissance club card and join our adventure today.

Puissance club

If you want to start and expand a company today, you are nothing without a good network. And that is exactly what our Puissance Club focuses on. By introducing companies and organizations in our club to each other, we try to open-up the equestrian sport and we offer everyone the opportunity to get really in touch with each other. Our club offers its members events several times a year to engage in targeted networking. This can be during an international jumping, but it can also be, for example, a surprising lecture or a company visit. The possibilities are varied, the benefits endless.

We welcome everyone who is interested in our network activities and pays € 100 membership fee (applies from April to April). A personal membership card and an interesting welcome package are just a few extras to start with. This way you will always enjoy additional benefits during all activities, which will be different every time. So, let yourself be surprised by Puissance Club!

Without a network, a company is nothing. Request your club card via luc@puissance.com and join our adventure today

Luc Vermeiren