Experienced equine orthopaedic veterinarians join forces in SHC Belgium

“Stronger together to focus on your horse’s soundness”

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much”: that was the idea that convinced three top vets to start a collaboration. And so Willem Verhaeghe, Frank van Hoeck and Marie-Stéphanie Delheid joined forces in Lille. They created Sport Horse Clinic Belgium to provide their clients with the best possible service by combining their knowledge. The three experts were happy to explain everything about their new, exciting project.

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If you want to start and expand a company today, you are nothing without a good network. And that is exactly what our Puissance Club focuses on.

By introducing companies and organizations in our club to each other, we try to open-up the equestrian sport and we offer everyone the opportunity to get really in touch with each other.

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